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Fluid Sense is a global technology company focused on providing solutions to environmental, safety and information issues through connected devices and cloud platforms. By creating tomorrow’s technology and implementing clear and reliable resolutions, Fluid Sense products allow end users advanced opportunities to keep safety, information and environmental practices easy to adopt.

Fluid Sense was founded on the realization that we can develop easy-to-use platforms and connected devices to change our world for the better.


EcoBilge: Smarter Sensor. Cleaner World. 
Connected together we can reduce and eliminate petro-chemical discharge into
navigable waters, provide a cleaner habitat for our precious wildlife and keep our
water sources free of contaminants.
 Safer Waters with CurrentSense
Preventing hazardous electrical conditions in recreational swimming and boating
areas by advanced current interception will help eliminate the tragedy of electric
shock drowning that claims countless unnecessary lives each year.
 Best-in-Class Marina Experience with MarinaSense
Providing a gateway hub for smooth data transfer between boaters and marina
and service professionals allow for increased revenues and remove barriers for