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 CurrentSense is a member of the FluidSense technology family, focused on utilizing the developments and innovations of our award-winning team to bring safety and environmental products to the general marketplace that improve safety for all.

Electric Shock Drowning

Adopting modern IoT technology CurrentSense is solving the problem of Electric Shock Drowning syndrome in our lakes, waterways, recreational facilities and marinas. Each year’s unknown numbers of children and adults suffer from Electric Shock Drowning, many cases often go unreported as the syndrome is often confused with drowning due to exhaustion, fear and other factors.

In recent years we have seen an exponential growth in AC electrical usage at all of our marinas and shoreside facilities. Boats that only 10 years ago required 15 amps of shoreside connection now require up to 50 amps to powers basic systems and extra accessories, like entertainment centers, Wi-Fi, climate management, battery charging, and other assorted power draws. In recreational swimming pools, underwater lights and music speakers are now standard installation pieces.   

 The National electrical standards boards have tried to keep up with this growing safety and usage issue and have mandated ground fault circuit interrupters that register down to 25-35 milliamps of disturbance and will cut power. However, OSHA reports that it takes less than 7 milliamps to adversely affect a grown male adult and far less to affect a child.

Our Solution

CurrentSense has developed a reliable and standardized mobile current sensing unit that can detect stray power in water to MicroAmps. This will allow for much safer environments in swimming pools, fresh and salt water marinas and wherever the general public congregate to enjoy water sports.

CurrentSense technology also connects to nearby power switching stations through advanced IoT platforms to immediately cut dangerous power any affected area. Testing must further be conducted prior to re-energizing any location. The CurrentSense device can also track and report critical spikes in energized water and assist in determining causes by tracking time and dates and specific zones.

Please look for our product on your local retailer shelf in the very near future.