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MarinaSense is the platform that will aggregate and coordinate all information in a marina into a usable gateway for providers. Creating a multi-user experience that will eliminate time consuming and unnecessary steps in the boaters and service providers involvement.

Best-in-Class Marina Experience

Starting with coordination of the reservation, whether through an online portal service or traditional methods, through arrival, check in, billing, services, departure and follow up, MarinaSense will utilize the Connected Boat® and Connected Marina® technology to sync with SaaS platforms for a streamlined event for the boating party.

Marina Sense will utilize low band connection methods to allow marinas to know expected arrival times of guests and plan docking staff accordingly. Using Connected Boat® technology marina staff with know if the arriving party is synced with pre-approved billing status that will be tied directly to marina management programs. Vessel details including LOA, beam and draft will be transmitted to dock coordinators to allow for maximum efficiency in berthing. Marinas will also know if arriving guests will need immediate pump out of wastewater tanks. If the guests require bunkering or water fill up. Marinas equipped with service yards can also be alerted if a vessel needs service or require haul outs for critical events.

Safer Marinas

MarinaSense will incorporate safety measures for marina providers by tying in with electric shock drowning sensors around the marina to provide a safe environment for water sports. Connected bilge sensors will alert the marina if there is an oil or petroleum discharge and allow for immediate response and notification, preventing possible large-scale pollution incidents.

More Profitable Marinas

MarinaSense is being built to assist boaters and marina operators gain more value and have better insight into daily operations and to provide data feedback essential for planning and executing marina operations.